Inspiring Leadership
Conference 2017

7 – 9 June ICC, Birmingham


The Wellbeing Zone

In recognition of the vital importance that health and wellbeing plays in the effective operation of a school, the Inspiring Leadership conference hosts launched the ‘Wellbeing zone’ in 2016.

In this second year Inspiring Leadership has curated, alongside Herriot's World, an expanded and improved Wellbeing zone including a range of service providers from across the wellbeing spectrum to share ideas for implementing positive practice in your school, at home and general lifestyle.

The Wellbeing zone is located on the Hall 3 balcony area and is open during exhibition viewing times.

Zone one – Workshop zone        

Experience meditation workshops, mindfulness exercises and aromatherapy mixing workshops.

Zone two – Therapies                   

We believe that looking after others starts with yourself so come and experience what it is like to take 5 minutes away from the conference to float away and experience an Indian Head Massage or a Hand and Arm Massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Zone three - Chill Out                   

We are living in a world where it’s so easy to connect through our ever-advancing technology and yet many of us feel disconnected. Experience peace, discover relaxation and find space to just be in the Chill Out zone.

Zone four - Healthy Eating          

Food for Life’s School Award supports schools to take a whole school approach that sees them grow their own food; organise trips to farms; source food from local producers; set up school farmers’ markets; hold community food events; provide cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; serve freshly prepared, well-sourced meals and provide an attractive dining environment so lunchtimes are a positive feature of the school day.

Zone five – Physical activity       

In Power specialise in the empowerment of people regardless of age, gender or ethnicity and we do this through martial arts. Martial arts is one of, if not the only sport, that has an almost spiritual element to it. And values that can be taught include confidence, self-discipline and concentration amongst many more.

Zone six – Mental Health             

Invincible Me is a children’s mental health charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the most vulnerable children in our society. We do this through empowering the teachers and wider childcare workforce who educate and support them.